Auxiliary electric heaters to install air energy heat pump

Auxiliary electric heater has many advantages, let’s talk about everyone about the role of the auxiliary electric heaters to install the air energy heat pump, what are it, let me know about it. At the cold area where the temperature in the outdoor heating is low, the evaporation temperature of the air heat source heat pump is inevitably low, and the compressor works at high compression ratio, and it will inevitably lead to the volumetric efficiency of the compressor, indicating the decrease in efficiency. In this way, the heat pump’s heating ability level thermal performance coefficient will decrease, and the preferred method is to increase the auxiliary heat source equipment, and the auxiliary electric heater is an ideal auxiliary heat ceramic heater source device. The auxiliary electric heater is integrated with the air energy unit after installation. When used, it can achieve linkage control with the unit, pre-heat the circulating water, improve the water temperature, and ensure the normal and operation of the air energy unit. Improve the heating power and heating effect of the air energy unit. The power consumption of the auxiliary electric heater itself can obtain some compensation from increasing the efficiency of the air energy unit heating, and the total power consumption increases. Air energy heat pump is used in air energy heat pump hot water engineering systems, which can be used to improve water temperature, which can also be applied to central air conditioning systems, solar hot water systems, central hot water systems, swimming pools. Hot water systems and all need to heat the hot water pipes.