Eye Exercises – Improve Your Vision Without Glasses

There seem to be long lists of people needing eye glasses and contact lenses these days. Actually, a lot of these problems could have been avoided if early signs of strain and were heeded. We take it for granted that we do not need  this is wrong and may affect our sight in no distant future. We spend hours at work; especially in front of our computers, without taking time off from work. In terms of popular exercises to keep our eyes healthy, there are three that stand out; and details of each of them can be found in this article. These exercises will improve your vision without glasses.

The Dot Exercise – This exercise is all about focusing your sight on a dot or comma on a book page. Make sure you keep staring at the dot or comma until it comes into your focus; do this until it becomes blurry after a few seconds. The next step is to close your eyes for a couple of seconds. Open them again, and stare at the dot once again; trendy men glasses  however, try not to focus your sight on it as you did the first time. Finally, close your them and picture the period in your mind; and this time around when you open them, the dot will become easier and clearer.

Almost similar to the dot exercise is the word exercise. This exercise is based on focusing on five or more letters on a book page. Make sure you get a mental picture of all five or more letters (word) in your mind. Of course, the word will become blurry just like the dot method after focusing on it for a few seconds. Make sure you blink as you move them over every letter of the word. Try as much as possible not to force your sight on what you want to see. This will not only help your eyes relax; but will improve your vision without glasses.

Having your eyes work together as a team is something that can also be achieved through eye exercises; and that is why the double vision technique is good for you. This has nothing to do with squinting; of course you know what strain this can bring on your sight. Let your eyes relax, and make sure they are focused on an object calmly. The essence of this technique is to help your sight work as a team; that is why you must focus on an object together.