Social Networking and Music: MySpace Puts It All Together in a Virtual Community

The music lover of today is part of an online “community” of a size bigger than what was of before the widespread usage on the Internet. Social networking is revolutionizing the way that people sell and market music and is changing the way they sell music globally. Search song

Here’s How:

A fan listens to the song and “tells” several others on the internet. Each forwards the details (and often the entire song) to a dozen other people and the cycle continues. If the hook for the song is catchy and universal the artist will be able to reach hundreds of people in just a couple of minutes. It’s quick, easy to access, and it’s completely free. it’s worldwide.

Does this viral message generate any revenue for the artist (or writer, or manager, or publisher, or agent, or even a record company)? No. However, does it give vital publicity with the possibility of selling albums, singles as well as concert tickets and merchandise? Absolutely.

The New Means of Marketing:

This represents a paradigm shift in the field of marketing. It opens the possibility of avoiding brick-and-mortar distribution, while drastically reducing the illegal forms of radio “promotion” which most in the field refer to as “payola” or commercial station exortion.

This is all possible thanks to the ever-growing array of forms of online communication, such as music websites Web portals, blogs (weblogs) and musical forums and many more. A brand new website named is bringing all these elements all in one location. Based on their mission, MySpace is becoming an information source for fans, musicians filmmakers, writers musicians, artists, record professionals, and many more.

It’s the MySpace Nation: “Where do you reside?” was once an issue that was asked in public, but it’s now written. The answer to this question was merely a reference to the part of the city you lived in and a hint of your socio-economic status and a hint of what mall was your typical place to hang out. It now is not just a reference the city you live in, but to your country, state, region, or state.

The virtual “scene” could include individuals from all over the world. My virtual community starts at Los Angeles and extends to Moscow, Big Bear, Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, New York, Miami and many other cities I’m not sure if I’ve learned how to write correctly. Indeed, with social media platforms such as MySpace you can connect with various scenes. However, every social network is open to the news of new music that is that is in their particular style.

MySpace: The Future is Now

With 2 million users (and increasing), offers a multi-level experience that involves blogs and instant messaging and classifieds, peer-voted voting as well as special interest groups user-created content and forums. Are they popular? Sure, they have data that show the site receives 35 million views each day with the rate of an average of 1 hour per visit. To date the majority of MySpace services are free and the site is entirely supported by advertisers eager to target the exact young, internet-savvy, and social music enthusiast who draws.

The site was created in the hands of Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson, MySpace is already successful in a way that has taken the attention of many in the industry. While the primary MySpace site is a simple social networks, the part of the site dubbed MySpace Music is a revolutionary method of reaching their existing online audience of 2 million registered users and could be growing rapidly beyond the already amazing number. In terms of launching young and unsigned artist, MySpace Music is a extremely effective instrument.

Inside the Minds of the MySpace Creators:

“MySpace Music is the thing could be, but hasn’t been,” Anderson said. “Very very few people visit an online site to search for bands they’ve never seen before. MySpace Music lets people find music online the same way as they learn about music in person, by referring friends. Millions of friends visit MySpace to connect and, through this process — through recommendation and word-of-mouth from friends — musicians receive exposure to new fans as well as listeners to new music.”
DeWolfe adds, “The most exciting use of MySpace Music is its ability to change the relationship between a fan and a band. Bands can sign up on MySpace and connect with potential fans across the country by simply sending an email and saying “Hello.’ They are building a following and locating street teams online.”
The ability to download music websites for bands, and the capability to connect directly with artists is only one of the many benefits that is MySpace Music. Visitors to the site can also participate through ratings and user reviews. The artists also have the ability to make contact with a broad range of business contacts in the music industry.

Information from DeWolfe:

G-Man: What’s The Story of MySpace?

Chris DeWolfe: We launched the general MySpace website in September 2003. Our aim was to build an online space where our users could join forces and communicate with others who share similar interests , regardless of whether it was music, TV nightlife, dating religion, politics or any other topic.

G-Man: How can music fit in MySpace? MySpace network?

Chris DeWolfe: Almost from the moment we started music, it became one of the main desires among MySpace users. We believe that the majority of users are exposed to new music and listen through suggestions from their friends. The influence of the network on our website (friends sharing their experiences with friends) lets new music and trends to quickly spread. In the same way bands began to flock on MySpace as a way to advertise themselves, gain new customers, book shows and even secure deals with labels.

G-Man: What are the main revenue channels for MySpace?

Chris DeWolfe: MySpace is currently supported by online ads and sponsorship. We might add premium features in the future, but any service we currently provide for free will remain the same. We’ve been fortunate to get top-of-the-line advertisers like Sony Music, Interscope, Warner Music, Dreamworks, Napster and many more. Promotions work for these kinds of advertisers as the majority of our users are 18-34 year old influencers who are awed by music and often go to the movies on the weekend of opening.

G-Man What are the advantages of artists who use MySpace?

Chris DeWolfe: Artists may sell their CDs via our website. The most popular use to date is to help bands gain new fans would normally not have met. An Iowa-based band Iowa could quickly gain an audience within New York or Los Angeles. Furthermore, bands utilize MySpace to book shows and book venues. It is also used to book venues and tour dates. MySpace platform is an international one. Since MySpace is an Internet-based platform this makes geographic boundaries irrelevant.

G-Man: Can you evaluate MySpace with other networks? MySpace company with other social networking sites?

Chris DeWolfe: Most sites focus on classifieds, business networking, or on dating. MySpace is a website that utilizes a social networking infrastructure. MySpace comprises games blogs music, classifieds forums, mail, instant messaging, as well as user ratings. Our strategy has led to an extremely sticky site, that averages more than an hour on the website. We also have served more pages than our biggest competitor over the past three months.

MySpace is simply expanding functionality on existing behavior in mass. The majority, if not all, of the other sites did not or couldn’t afford that privilege that MySpace does. They were relying on the behavior of users to evolve around their functionality. For instance we’re not building it and hoping that users will join. MySpace music is working because over two million people are already using the service and we’re now making it simpler for users to accomplish.