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Beef jerky is one of the most acceptable snacks in different parts of the world. It is a dried slice of meat with less fat and healthy high proteins. A 30 g of jerky has lean protein content of 10-15g, along with 0-3g of carbohydrates and 1g of fat. People enjoy this snack because of its low calories and mouthwatering flavors.

Beef jerky is easily available in convenient stores or you can prepare it at home. To prepare beef jerky, take a boneless big piece of meat and then cut it into lean pieces. Do away with noticeable fat and then slice into thin scraps. Next, it is time to marinate the beef according to your recipe or just add salt, olive oil and vinegar.

Seasonings can be included as per your taste. Finally, use  dehydrating A5 JAPANESE WAGYU BEEF machine or oven to dehydrate the meat. To properly cook the preparation, it might take about 6 hours or more. Cut the prepared jerky to know nothing is underdone inside. Fully processed beef jerky has a burgundy or deep brown color. Pack the jerky in air tight bags and keep inside the refrigerator to prevent rotting. You can also purchase this through online shops. Stick on to the quality and brand name while selecting the jerky.

Those who are health conscious find it as an alternative to satisfy the desire for food. That is, without eating too much calories or carbohydrates your stomach will have a feel of fullness. Beef jerkies available in packets are ready to use snacks, which can be easily stored. Hence, the jerky is a perfect snack when you are away from home. You can also enjoy a variety of flavors available as sticks or nuggets. Pepper, teriyaki, barbeque, honey and garlic add distinctive tastes to the jerky.

If not properly cooked, beef jerky can cause different health issues. So before dehydrating the meat, be cautious to roast / steam the meat at 1600 F. This will also help to ensure that no bacterial action has happened to cause decomposition of jerky. To prevent further risks, give importance to self-hygiene and cleanliness of utensils and equipments. Follow safe instructions for dehydrating the meat to minimize risks related to E. coli or other type of bacterial infection. It is also advisable to use sufficient quantity of salt to marinate fresh beef to avoid spoilage and to prevent the growth of microorganisms on the meat. Chemical preservatives are also used to inhibit oxidative decay in the course of large scale production.