Top six talisman in the car according to Thai people’s beliefs


    Saluting the automobile with a floral garland is thought to honor Mae Yanang in the car. This is an old Thai belief that has been passed down through generations. However, many people leave the flower garland in the car until it withers, rendering what should be sacred artifacts unfortunate in terms of collecting dust and filth in the car and maybe causing travel troubles, according to belief of Thai people. The following are my top six talismans in the car:

1.     Luang Phor Thuad

            It is the most auspicious thing that should be on the front of practically every automobile because when people ride in a car with Luang Pu Thuat hanging in front of them, they become secure. If you have long journeys, I recommend you to worship Luang Phor Thuad before driving to be lucky and safe.

2.     Luang Pho To

            There are great Buddha virtues in the areas of kindness, commerce, finance, and safety that must be displayed in front of the automobile. Before leaving or putting oneself at risk. I strongly advise you to repeat and spell Reverend Grandfather Tuad. If you pray frequently, it is also a grace for you to avert harm, safe from accidents and avoid danger.

3.     Luang Pho Sothon

            Thai people believed that if an automobile worshiped Luang Por Sothon, it would be secure and protected from all perils for the rest of its life. There is also kindness, enormous popularity, and wealth. You should also recite Reverend Grandfather Tuad’s spell before driving. You will be protected from any dangers.

4.     Ma Ha Jak Gra Pat

It is believed that Buddha aids with the shift from bad to good in a variety of situations. It is one of the talismans that many people keep in their vehicles. Before you travel or drive, I recommend that you pray for compassion to the souls and sinners both living and nonliving around you in order to modify the many worlds for them to be high, which will keep you safe.

5.     Thao Wessuwan

            It is believed that the vehicle-worshiping Thao Wessuwan would appear to protect from the unseen, to protect the ghosts who do not dare to harm the people in the car, and to increase many fortunes and riches.

6.     Pha Sivali

The driver of a car that worships Pha Sivali will obtain fortune quickly and become wealthy. Your business and funds would be flexible and safe to go anyplace. Thais thought that Pha Sivali would bring good success in trading and ease in dealing with venomous opponents who would become friends. There is only eternal happiness, serenity, wealth, and life.


According to Thai culture, these are the top six talismans that you should worship in your automobile. However, before acquiring a car to drive in Thailand, I strongly advise you to first purchase car insurance in Thailand from Rabbit Care, which will be quite advantageous to you. Because if your car is damaged, the insurance will pay for the repairs, and you can comtact a Rabbit Care surveyor to provide roadside assistance for 24 hours.