Unique Ideas for an Online Business


You can now launch your own online business if you’re interested in doing so. Work at home has become the norm, and we are increasingly comfortable establishing relationships, sharing information and completing transactions online.

Working from anywhere in the world is one of the advantages of owning an online business. The internet makes it relatively easy to turn your skills and passion into an online business, regardless of whether you want to become an online entrepreneur full-time or a side hustle.

Take time to consider your strengths. Which of your skills are you good at? Where do you find friends, family, and others looking for your advice? Additionally, make sure you consider your own resources – and the ones you might need. A number of online businesses require very little start-up capital, while others require more resources.

Let’s take a look at online business ideas that are buzzworthy you can use online to achieve your goal of being self-employed.

1. Open an eCommerce store

eCommerce websites have exploded since COVID-19. Australians shop online more than ever before because they are unable or reluctant to leave their homes. Perhaps you will open an eCommerce store selling products you are passionate about, or maybe you will choose a profitable industry.

It is essential to have a user-friendly and attractive website, whatever you sell. Selling online is easy with Square. We provide a free online store builder that allows you to launch a site quickly, accept payments using a range of payment methods, and even offer curbside pickup and local delivery.

2. Work as a virtual assistant

Consider a virtual assistant (VA) business if you have great organization skills, the ability to multitask, and excellent attention to detail. Data entry, research, customer service, and other administrative tasks are typically handled by VAs. Virtual assistants may specialize in areas such as social media management or basic graphic design.

3. Become a bookkeeper

Creating invoices, monitoring cash flow, and preparing financial statements are all parts of your job as a bookkeeper. Business owners can share their financial information remotely with bookkeepers working elsewhere in real-time using cloud-based accounting software like Xero.

Consider getting a qualification in bookkeeping or accounts administration if you wish to become a bookkeeper. Providers of certain services may also need to become BAS agents.

4. Set up an online course

You could create an online course that shares your expertise with others if you’re an expert in your field. Online learning is gaining popularity and people are more willing to try new learning methods. Online courses can be structured in many different ways – from those where students download a once-off file and work through it at their own pace to those that include regularly scheduled video calls to monitor progress.

You may decide to teach learners public speaking skills, sales conversion skills or management skills. In addition, you could offer online courses that teach people how to make bread at home, grow vegetables in season, or improve their flexibility – the possibilities are endless.

5. Earn a living by developing apps

With more and more people using their smartphones to manage their lives, mobile apps are everywhere. It is possible for you to start an online mobile app development business if you are good with code. You could either build apps for clients or contract to build specific apps for them. You could also do both!

In the Apple App Store and Google Play, there are 1.8 million apps, so there is a large market for skilled app developers. You can generate revenue from your own apps in different ways to smooth your income – from billing at the time of the initial download to charging for premium features or simply selling advertising space.

6. Establish a consulting business online

Maybe you’re looking for an alternative delivery model for your face-to-face consultancy business due to COVID restrictions. As an online consultant, you can share your skills, knowledge, and experience with others without leaving the comfort of your home or office. The area you specialize in might be broad – like marketing or financial consulting – or it might be more specific, like social media, search engine optimization (SEO) or self-managed superannuation.