What Are Effective Case Law reddit Citations in Essay Writing?

In view of the troubles that many students all too frequently experience on this vicinity, on this brief article I appearance to now take you through the intricacies of referencing case regulation in all subjects with a felony detail to their have a look at in the UK specially. Therefore, this could show especially useful for those reading English regulation or any problem regions with an English regulation element whilst writing your work.

With this in thoughts, whilst trying to cite case regulation on your paintings it’s miles vital to bear in mind the traditional shape of referencing case law for essay writing in felony subjects that appears to provide –

(a) Name of Case

This should be printed in italics or underlined (do not spotlight or use unique coloured ink)

(b) Year

This need to be in square brackets [1992] or round brackets (1957). The majority of modem law reports use square brackets indicating the 12 months is an fundamental a part of the reference, however some collection additionally adopt a gadget of extent numbering that runs consecutively through the collection wherein case the year is in spherical brackets and definitely shows the date the judgement was given.

(c) Volume Number

Many reports have several volumes every yr numerically. As a result, the 12 months could be in [square brackets] and could be an fundamental a part of the reference, even as those case law collection which can be numbered consecutively from the beginning may have the 12 months in (round brackets).

(d) Abbreviation for the Series

This shows the series in which the regulation document is published – the All England Reports (All ER) is very famous. For your in addition records a complete list of abbreviations can be determined in Raistrick. D. S (2007) ‘Index to Legal Citations and Abbreviations’ second Edition, London, Bowker-Saur or in the monthly parts and yearbook of ‘Current Law’.

(e) Page Number or Case Number

The page quantity is the range inside the volume of the record wherein you may find the case.

Since 2001 some collection have commenced the use of specific numbers of each case inside each 12 months. Therefore, for instance, ‘[2005] 2 Cr. App. R. Four’ refers back to the fourth case of quantity 2 of Criminal Appeal Reports 2005.

At the same time, however, recent reviews also number each paragraph, so that the perfect factor within the case may be cited. As a end result, that is in particular useful if you are quoting at once from a specific judgement. At the same time, but, it’s miles to be liked that, inside the beyond, particular passages could be identified with the aid of reference to the letter to be determined in the margin.

(f) [Optional] Court

On this foundation, it’s far constantly crucial to realize which courtroom made the choice and it is ideal exercise to broaden the habit of along with an indication of the court docket on the stop of the reference – for example, House of Lords (HL) and Court of Appeal (CA).

Examples – There are usually too styles of case law decisions to be mentioned –

(i) For civil case law choices in a case like ‘Johnson v Phillips [1975] three All ER 682’, by means of way of illustration, it is usually the claimant (plaintiff) v defendant. As a result, the ‘v’ stands for ‘as opposed to’ or ‘against’, at the same time as the case is usually cited in direct speech in a court situation, as an example, as reddit essay writing service ‘Johnson & Phillips’.

(ii) For criminal case regulation selections in a case like ‘R v Lynch (1966) 50 Cr. App. R. Fifty nine’, with the aid of manner of illustration, additionally it is the Crown v the defendant. Moreover, as well as the ‘v’ standing for ‘as opposed to’ or ‘in opposition to’, ‘R’ stands for ‘Rex’ (‘the King’) or ‘Regina’ (‘the Queen’). This case could then typically be noted in direct speech in a court situation, for example, because the ‘Crown in opposition to Lynch’ or simply ‘Lynch’.

Neutral Citations

Moreover, it is also to be appreciated that, from January 2001, there was an opportunity method to be had for efficaciously referencing instances that became brought to deal with the growth within the range of online reviews that also proves very beneficial for the essay writing process. As a result, all of the case regulation selections from the High Court and Court of Appeal were assigned precise numbers with a view to then be capable of more easily perceive the case given that this new approach of case quotation for academic paintings additionally uses paragraph numbers in the case quotation itself as a part of the essay writing system in this area.


Grobbelaar v. News Group Newspapers Ltd [2001] EWCA Civ 1213.

Therefore, all case law is to be referred to through the call(s) of the events followed by way of the medium neutral quotation within the essay writing technique. Moreover, as well as the 12 months while the case was referred to, the reference in essay writing now not most effective suggests the criminal jurisdiction, however additionally the court docket, the division of that court, the reference range assigned to the case with the aid of the authentic courtroom shorthand writers, and (additionally often) a paragraph reference.